Heavy timber structure over a concrete foundation.


Fully ADA compliant.
CCTV video surveillance and Visitor Management Systems.


24 hour/day lobby access.


ASC has designed a state of the art flexible base-building communications infrastructure.

Two separate, redundant and diverse telecommunications systems originating at two separate substations.

State of the art flexible base-building communications infrastructure with redundant, diverse carrier service entrance facilities, redundant base building telecommunication backbone/distribution systems with redundant communications distribution closets on each tenant floor and pre-installed distribution pathways to serve each tenant space.

Base building provisions will enable fully redundant and diverse connections to tenants from multiple service providers for point-to-point WAN and co-location connectivity, robust Internet access, and flexible voice and data options.


Live Load:
Office - 50lbs per SF
Retail - 100lbs per SF


One (1) 3,000 LB Capacity MRL Passenger Elevator


Includes 2.7 tons per 1,000 RSF
VRF System (VRF) which provides for high efficiency, redundent individual outdoor units.
Multiple individually controlled climate areas within a single office unit.
Individual units allow for maximum flexibility during office build-out and minimized operating costs.


New 120/208-Volt, 3-Phase and 4-Wire electrical service providing 32-Watts +/- RSF average
Service provided to electric closets located on each floor will consist of 120/208-Volt power supply for all mechanical and lighting equipment.
Building delivered with emergency power capacity to meet NYC Building Code emergency lighting requirements.


Full interior coded fire alarm system capable of tying in additional tenant devices.
Fully sprinklered with open grid spacing compliant with NYC Building Code.


The raw timber for the wood beams and slabs used in 320 and 360 Wythe come from sustainably managed Canadian forests. As opposed to concrete and steel, wood is a carbon negative building material.


Office units are delivered with full distribution, allowing for plug-and-play office suites including designer bathrooms and kitchenettes echoing the builidings modern sensibilities in a historic setting.

Over 1,000 SF of private terraces available.


The Relocation and Employment Assistance Program (REAP) offers business income tax credits for relocating jobs from outside of New York City to one of the outer boroughs. Eligible tenants could qualify for an annual credit with an effective value equal to approximately $15 per RSF.

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